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Avalokiteśvara ~ St. Kanzeon Bosatsu -

The avalokiteśvara

Avalokiteśvara This is the so-called Kannon. Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara [Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara] [do ten one-sided view] and eleven faces Kannon, etc., and there are various ways to say the "Kannon" to bite, but they are differentiated for the purpose by the Kannon from came out esoteric Buddhism as it was, originally "Kannon" was one. From the increasing variety of types, and to distinguish the original Kannon with other Kannon, now called avalokiteśvara [avalokiteśvara]. From this background, it writes both positive Kannon. In addition, "Kannon" is as it was short for "Kanzeon Bosatsu [Kanzeon Bosatsu]", is also known as the "freely bodhisattva [feel goods Bodhisattva] can". Both are way call that was paraphrasing in Chinese the nickname "AVA low Kite over Gerhard Valla" in India.

Is not limited to the Guanyin Bodhisattva, but is it also true in other bodhisattva general, it is represented in a very gorgeous clothes. The "Bodhisattva", but does not open the enlightenment, refers to a person who aims to frontier of enlightenment while saving people with very high virtue, it is that is refers to the Buddha in training. Since the Buddha is noble originally born as a prince of Shaka family, it is not represented in dressed in front of the aristocracy to get to enlightenment. At the same time, it also represents immaturity that can not be still discard all.

Features of avalokiteśvara

Kahotoke Kannon, it is said to be closest to the Buddha to enlightenment among the Bodhisattva, the coronet [coronet (crown suffered to the head), stuck the figure of which will be transformed in the near future Tathagata (Amida [Amitabha]) There are things you are. It is also similar to the enthusiasm of the ronin students who strive to exam study by winding a headband called "Todai pass !!".

In addition, Kannon is also a Buddha good at makeover Unplug the group among the Buddha. When the help people, you change the appearance shaped to fit the TPO. From Cutie Honey Ultraman, up to the Gu-Gu Ganmo, heroes fighting in transformation has been said to be inspired from here. It is a lie.

How to identify the avalokiteśvara

The is a little hard to tell the avalokiteśvara and other Kannon is the actual situation. Because not the other Kannon is has become enclosed avalokiteśvara, that, you can only tell by the process of elimination. However, it is to tell the other Bodhisattvas and Kannon, it is relatively easy. Let's look at the differences of other Bodhisattva and Avalokitesvara in general.

First, stand out for is, glitz of dressed. Coronet, necklace, and so on various items, it is a glittering Indian nobility itself. Luxurious costumes, but warm because it is the Indian people, not first be an overdressed. It is basically a summer guy. In addition, because it is a young man in training, it will be shaped in a youthful appearance.

There is some tendency to item. Buddha called a "personal effects [same] with" a thing of the items that have to hand. To those covered with belongings avalokiteśvara, it will include first "Aquarius [hungry tack]". Elongated thing like a pitcher. This contains the "merit water [wordy hungry]". Image with a lotus flower are also many made. Lotus flowers, and even though it has been growing from mud, from that bloom beautifully without having to stain it, it symbolizes the truth. The combination of the two, Sample images are also apparent well with a water bottle that was alive the lotus flower.

Avalokiteśvara specs

Name Avalokiteśvara [avalokiteśvara] positive Kannon [avalokiteśvara]
Sanskrit name Ava low Kite over Gerhard Valla
Affiliation unit Amitabha three Mikoto Rokukan'non Shichikan'non Eight Kannon
Medium Mikoto-attendant image of Buddhist statue "Amitabha, mahasthamaprapta"
Makeover-alter ego Eleven faces Kannon Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara etc.
You live Yakushiji Futai-ji Kurama etc.
India and personal effects Aquarius lotus jewel etc.
Mantra On Arorikiya-Sowaka

Let's go to see avalokiteśvara

This is a list of the temple Buddha statues of prominent avalokiteśvara are enshrined. Since the publication schedule is subject to change, it is recommended that it is confirmed in each temple in advance.

Temples and shrines name Designation Street address Phone Published Date
Hokuriku District
Yasui temple Weight Toyama Prefecture Nanto Yasui 4941 0763-22-2462 Every '33 (2013)
Yakushiji Country Nara, Nara Prefecture Nishinokyo-cho, 457 0742-33-6001 Standing
Futai-ji Weight Nara, Nara Prefecture Horen east Kakiuchi cho 517 0742-22-5278 Standing
Kurama Weight Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Kuramahon-cho, 1074 075-741-2003 Standing
Azumi Council Prefecture Okayama national wealth 3-1-29 0862-72-2320 Every '33 (2034 plan)
Zenjoji Weight Shimane Prefecture, Yunnan City Mitoya cho Otsukamiya 1874 0854-45-4360 Every '33 (2028 plan)
Takitera Weight Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture Mino-cho Kamonomiya 1796 0883-77-2486 1/29

Country ... national treasure heavy ... important cultural property Prefecture City ... Each municipality designated cultural property
Eleven faces Kannon

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